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Neruppu Da Review: This Story Of Firefighters Fails To Ignite Any Thrill


Neruppu Da, about a group of firefighters led by Vikram Prabhu, is all about self-sacrifice, friendship and saving lives. It is the kind of film which exists purely to establish its male lead in the space reserved for Tamil cinema’s boldest, bravest (and most boring) heroes. With a title like Neruppu Da, the onus is on the film’s director and his team to make sure that the film lives up to its title. 

Vikram Prabhu has a burning ambition to become a firefighter. Along with his friends, Vikram traverses the city, dousing fires and revelling in the adulation from the public afterwards. A day before his exam, he gets into an altercation with a don that makes life difficult for him and his friends.

The film’s narrative is engaging enough but the barely-there script and comedy that serves as a hindrance to the goings on ensure that Ashok Kumar’s film does not live up to its title.

Nikki Galrani is another sore spot.

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She is severely disadvantaged by the corny dialogues given to her. The even cornier romance sequences don’t help. In one scene, she tearfully asks her boyfriend to not let their ‘love’ die. “You want to save lives. Even our love is full of life. Don’t let it die.”

With such groan-worthy dialogues and an uninspired Mottai Rajendran trying his best to evoke laughs, Neruppu Da suffers.

Sean Roldan is still too new to get pigeonholed; the songs in the film, however, do sound familiar. The background score, on the other hand, is energetic, racy even.

Vikram Prabhu is his usual earnest self, and tries his level best to help move the film along. Naturally, that just isn’t enough, as Neruppu Da succumbs to the collective mistakes of a young cast and crew who have no idea what they’re supposed to do.


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