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SP Balasubrahmanyam Felicitates KJ Yesudas: Photos & Report


Legendary singer SP Balasubrahmanyam paid his respects to musician and playback singer KJ Yesudas at a recent felicitation event in Chennai, saying Yesudas was his mentor and guru, and was blessed. SPB had organised the event to meet the press and talk about completing 50 years in Tamil cinema.

SPB spoke glowingly of KJ Yesudas and called him his mentor. He said that he had always taken his cues from him. He said, “Yesudas has the voice of the divine. His voice is blessed by the Gods.

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I consider him my Guru. He has been a huge part of my rise from a humble teenager to the level I am in now.”

SPB also took thanked the filmmakers, music composers, producers, and actors who shaped his career. “Without them I wouldn’t be here,” he said.

Meanwhile, Yesudas congratulated SPB for his achievement and spoke of the enthusiasm and love with which SPB approached life. He said, “Once after a concert, we were hungry. There was nothing in the hotel room. Except an apple. I was going to share it with everybody and go off to sleep. Suddenly there was a sound from outside my room. Room Service, a familiar voice said. I opened the door to find SPB standing with a plate full of food. He is still like that, considerate of others feelings.”

Yesudas said he wished for SPB to have a long and successful career. 

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