Song of The Day – Chanakya Chanakya



Song: Chanakya Chanakya from Dum

The Artists:

Singers: Sadhana Sargam

Composer: Deva

Lyricist: Pa Vijay

Starring: Silambarasan, Rakshitha

The Setting: STR  keeps mum as actress Rakshitha sings songs about his ‘physical abilities’

The Film: A remake of the Kannada film Appu, this early STR film made it to 100 days at several theatres in Tamil Nadu. The premise is cliched – a young man facing off with a more powerful person. A Venkatesh apparently made no attempt to improve it. But cliché or not, the film was a big commercial success.

The film was also remade in Telugu, Bengali and even Bangladeshi Bengali. Rakshitha played the role in three versions – Kannada, Tamil and Telugu.

The Song: Chanakya Chanakya is your usual Deva song.

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It’s all things catchy; the lyrics, the accompaniment have all been carefully tuned towards making this song a hit. It is also a direct copy of the song that music director Chakri had composed for Dum’s Telugu version, Idiot.

Pa Vijay’s lyrics are interesting, to say the least.

Adam Pidithen

Nee Endhan Nenjil

Idam Pidithai

I love you da

With lines such as these, the lyricist manages to make the heroine seem silly. Nonetheless, it is a really fun song that once ruled the airwaves, and was a major part of the popular culture back then. The song and the film were major boosts to STR’s fledgeling career.

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