Song Of The Day: ‘O Sona’ From ‘Vaali’


Singers : Hariharan, Ajith Kumar

Composer: Deva

Starring:  Ajith Kumar, Simran, Jyothika

Ajith Kumar weaves an entirely fictional tale of a romantic interlude with Jyothika, in order to get and retain Simran’s affection. Sounds complicated? SJ Surya is the director, and so some such complexities are more than expected.

The film also has an evil twin version of Ajith Kumar. As brothers go, this one’s far from good. He even imagines song sequences seducing his brother’s wife.

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All’s well though, for the good Ajith vanquishes the bad by the end of the film.

Like most Deva’s songs, this one is catchy and easy on the ears. Hariharan is pleasant as usual, but it is the fun visuals, the irrepressibly cheeky side of Ajith that makes us remember the song. 

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