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Karthi Talks About His Father’s Beginnings At Anniversary Celebrations Of Sivakumar Charitable Trust


Suriya and Karthi attended the 38th anniversary celebrations of Agaram, the Sivakumar Charitable Educational Trust. Academic performers who scored marks against all odds were felicitated at the function.

Talking at the occasion, Karthi said, “When he was 14 years old, my dad had only watched 14 films. He was raised under such financial circumstances. He was not able to come to Chennai to pursue arts as he needed Rs 80 to pay the fee. So, he wrote on a board outside his house: ‘I would be a slave to the person who funds my higher education.’ When one of his uncles noticed that, he helped my dad pay the fee.

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Helping someone study is the biggest help one can ever do in their life. That’s the reason my father began this charitable foundation.”

About Agaram’s team, Karthi said, “We have a team of volunteers, who have been working hard all these years. They ensure that only genuine people get help from this trust. We also have donors who donate money to this trust. The volunteers follow up with students until they are placed in jobs.”

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