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Anu Haasan Uses Her Kalaripayattu Skills to Perform Stunts in Valla Desam


Actress Anu Hasan says her basic training in Kalaripayattu, an ancient martial art of Kerala, came in very handy while performing action scenes in upcoming Tamil action-drama Valla Desam.

In the film, directed by Nantha, she plays a mother who goes out of her way to find her kidnapped daughter.

“It’s a film where the action is well justified. I play a mother desperate to find my daughter. From being this gentle, simple mother, I become extremely courageous and intimidating and audiences are going to find this transformation quite shocking,” Anu told IANS.

This film marks her comeback to Tamil filmdom after six years.

Talking about the action in the film, Anu said: “Audiences will see me performing stunts. My experience of Kalaripayattu came in very handy. It gave me the strength to perform action with ease.”

On bagging the project, she said the director was on the lookout for an actress who can pull off this heavy role.

“He was in the UK and was looking for a suitable actress.

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I liked his narration and the fact that the role has so much to offer than just play a mother on screen. I think it’s a larger-than-life for me and I’m kicked about it.”


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