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Kamal Haasan: From Being The ‘Kalaignan’ To Becoming The ‘Aalavandhan’


A light-hearted take on Kamal Haasan the politician, helped along by his filmography

Kamal Haasan has been keeping everyone on tenterhooks as far as his political debut is concerned, an art that he has probably mastered from years of marketing his films. In his decades-long stellar career, he has played a gamut of characters, and hasn’t left any doubt about his acting prowess. But, he’s just started testing the waters for his role as a politician. His colour might not be ‘saffron’ but there is no clue as to which direction politics will take him.

We, at Silverscreen, have tried to do just that: conjure up an image of Kamal Haasan, the politician, taking inspiration from none other than a Kamal Haasan song, ‘Mere Jeevan Saathi’ from Ek Duje Ke Liye, and a lovely medley of film titles.

Kamal might be a Maanavan (student) when it comes to politics, but he’s here after making a Paadha Kanikkai (offering), because it’s time for an Arangetram (debut). Kamal Haasan might have been flying freely like a Vaanambadi (skylark) years ago, more heard than seen, but now, after months of Sollathaan Ninaikiraen (I wish to say something) and visiting various leaders like a Pattampoochi (butterfly) that samples nectar, he’s decided it’s time to take the plunge.

He’s the iconic Agni Pushpam (fire flower), blooming after every failure, and calling out to fate – ‘Maalai Sooda Vaa’ (come, wear the garland).

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He’s sung many Aboorva Raagangal (rare ragas), committed to many a cause with the Moondru Mudichu (three knots, akin to matrimony), not bothered about the doubting Avargal (people), and believed that ‘Unnai Suttrum Ulagam’ (the world will revolve around you). He’s been the Nirakudam (a full pot) that analyses an issue before speaking.

Probably why, Nizhal Nijamaagiradhu (a shadow becomes real), beginning with ‘Maiam Whistle’, instead of taking Sattam En Kaiyil (taking the law into one’s hands) or opting for something that would amount to Thappu Thaalangal (wrong beats). For fans, this move is news that’s nothing short of Ninaithaale Inikkum (a thought that’s sweet). They are ready with Mangala Vaathiyam (auspicious music) and hope that this will be a case of Azhiyadha Kolangal (decorative lines that never fade). Kamal promises to work with Raja Paarvai (vision of a king), and has issued a Savaal (challenge) against bad governance.

The clock goes Tik Tik Tik, and we are left to wonder if Kamal and politics will be case of Ek Duje Ke Liye (made for each other). Will we say Ellam Inbamayam (happily ever after) or Vaazhve Mayam (life’s a mystery)?

Knowing this Sakalakala Vallavan (master of all arts), you know he’s no Poikal Kuthrai (dummy horse) but a race horse that runs till the last mile. So, in all probability, what we’ll say is Yeh Toh Kamaal Ho Gaya! (what has happened is nothing short of a miracle!)

After all, he’s the man who told the world, ‘Thoongadhe Thambi Thoongadhey’ (don’t sleep, little brother), and lived as a Uyarndha Ullam (noble soul), and has taken a Mangamma Sabadam (Mangamma’s pledge) to cleanse society.

So, let’s welcome the Nayakan (hero), who’s all ready for a Soora Samharam (destruction) of all things detrimental to people. He keeps telling people ‘Unnal Mudiyum Thambi’ (you can do it, brother), works with the guile of a Chanakyan, and yet lives like a regular Indian.

But, Hey Ram, he can take on a Vishwaroopam when he wants to. That day, it will be a true Vetri Vizha (festival of victory) for his fans and well-wishers. He can be the Aalavandhaan (ruler), and make you exclaim Sabhaash Naidu, but ultimately, he’s Indian 2 and not an Uthama Villian (consummate villain).

Let’s see how the world of politics treats him. Will it be a case of Varumayin Niram Sivappu (red is the colour of poverty) or Aanandham Paramaanandham (joy, glorious joy!)?


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