Watch This Unsettling Short ‘Burn My Body’


Does death put an end to a woman’s nightmares? No, says a recent short film in Malayalam that is making waves on social networking sites.

A young nurse, soon to be married, happily gives away her wedding invitation cards to everyone at the hospital she works in. That night, she discovers a painful, frightening secret about a man, whom she’d treated kindly till then. Broken, she pens down a letter in her personal diary, addressing her parents, saying they should burn her body immediately after her death.

The makers claim at the begin of the film that it is based on hundreds of true, verified incidents. Directed by young actor Aryan Menon, this 30-minute film has Aparna Nair, Chinnu Kuruvila and Nadirsha in the lead roles. The film has Govind P Menon is the music director. Sreeraj Raveendran wields the camera.

Watch the short film here:


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