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Two Vijay Fans Arrested For Allegedly Threatening AIADMK Politicians In a Video

Sarkar Movie Stills Starring Vijay

On Thursday, two Vijay fans were arrested in Chennai for allegedly threatening AIADMK politicians in a video, asking them to support the actor and his film Sarkar.

According to a report, in the video, Vijay’s fans Lingadurai and Sanjai were allegedly holding weapons and speaking abusively about the ruling party’s politicians for creating a controversy after the film’s release. The video went viral on social media, and a complaint was registered by the department of cyber crime.

Investigations revealed that Lingadurai and Sanjai were based in Chennai, and the video was released by their acquaintances – Sanjai and Anishek. All four have been arrested on cyber crime charges. In a press statement, the investigating officer Srinivasan said that their weapons and mobile phones had been seized and further investigation was on.

Sarkar and its director Murugadoss have been in trouble created by politicians, since June, even before the film’s release. When Sarkar‘s first look showing Vijay with a cigarette was revealed, former Union Health Minister and PMK leader Dr Anbumani Ramadoss slammed Vijay and Murugadoss for promoting smoking.

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Ramadoss even pulled out an old interview where Vijay had said he would not feature in any smoking scene.

After the film’s release, some politicians from AIADMK demanded the removal of a few scenes from Sarkar. They accused Vijay of trying to further his own political agenda through the film.

The film featured scenes showing people throw and burn grinders, mixies, and television sets – items given as freebies by the government. The scenes were a reference to the ruling party AIADMK’s flagship scheme through which they distributed household items to the people, following their electoral victory in 2011.

The scenes proved to be controversial, and members of AIADMK tore down posters outside theatres. They asked for removal of those scenes from the film, and after frantic negotiations, the scenes were removed. But a case was filed against Murugadoss in Madras High Court, and on November 27, the court asked the director for a written undertaking that he will not criticise the State government’s policies in his films, as was petitioned by the state prosecutor. The prosecutor also asked for an unconditional apology from Murugadoss.

Murugadoss refused to apologise saying this was his freedom of speech, and no offence had been committed.

Throughout the controversy, many actors, directors and fans came in support of Murugaodss. Some fans even shared photos and videos of people burning government’s freebies. Actor Vijay, however, has remained quiet.


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