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‘That I Love You Moment Is Gone Now’: Oviya Tells Aarav On ‘Bigg Boss’


Oviya and Aarav rekindled their friendship on Monday night’s episode of Bigg Boss. The duo, good friends during the first couple of weeks of the show, consciously avoided speaking to each other due to the arguments and groupism in the house. Also, ever since Oviya openly told Aarav she likes him, he maintained a distance. Now, the conversations are back.

This week, Oviya has once again been nominated by the housemates for eviction. And, Aarav has been nominated for the first time. Oviya, looking at the camera, said, “Please save my friend Aarav from eviction. He is my only friend in this house and I need him here.” She also told Aarav she just wanted him to be her ‘dear friend’. Oviya said, “That ‘I love you’ moment is gone. I want to be your friend. And, you are my best friend in this house.” Echoing her, Aarav replied: “Yes, you are my best friend too.”  

Kamal Haasan, the host of the show, had already announced that there would be no eviction this week, but the  housemates don’t know about this. And so, Julie, Aarav and Oviya have been nominated.

Oviya’s Army followers can chill. There’s no tension to save her this time!


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