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‘Simmba’ Trailer Reveals The Plot Of The Film Is A Spin-off Of ‘Singham’


The trailer of Rohit Shetty’s Simmba has released and also managed to catch the viewers off guard by revealing that the plot is a spin-off of Singham. That the movie was a remake of the 2015 Telugu film Temper was already a known fact.

Shetty, who directed Ajay Devgn in Singham and Singham Returns, plants the plot of Simmba in Shivgadh – the same town where Ajay Devgn’s upright cop Baijrao Singham reigned. The director then proceeds by giving a twist to Ranveer Singh’s character, Sangram Bhalerao, by painting him as a police officer who is in cahoots with the baddies initially. As the story unfolds, an incident forces Bhalerao to reconsider his ways. The way he sets about making amends forms the rest of the plot.

Announced almost a year back, Simmba is jointly produced by Dharma Productions and Rohit Shetty Picturez.

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The coming together of both the productions houses – one known for making action comedies and the other for anything but – and the marriage of their sensibilities were enough to ignite curiosity among the viewers. Add to this mix, a star like Ranveer Singh, who’s famous for his unpredictable demeanur and the resulting cocktail was expected to be something never seen before.

However, the final product seems to be slightly skewed towards the Rohit Shetty school of filmmaking. Bright frames, crude emotions and slow-motion action sequences – the staple ingredients of the director’s regular action movies seem to have gone into the making of this movie.

Simmba also marks the second movie of Sara Ali Khan. Barring a few glimpses of her song sequences, she gets the same screen time as the other girls featured in the trailer. Sonu Sood plays the main antagonist in the movie.

Simmba is scheduled to release on December 28.

Watch the trailer of the movie here:

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