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Saran Out of Trouble


Director Saran’s legal troubles are finally ending. After his dramatic arrest on the sets of his latest directorial attempt, Aayirathil Iruvar, the Producers’ Council has stepped in to help him. The council mediated a meeting between Saran and the complainant, Gnanasekaran of Sapphire Litho, and both parties have come to a compromise. Gnanasekaran has agreed to revoke all the cases that he has filed against Saran. Speaking to us he said, “My intention was not to malign or bring dishonour to Saran. I just wanted to get the money that I was owed. I sincerely regret the hurt that my actions have caused him, and I want to use this opportunity to apologise.”

Earlier this month, the Council had alleged that Gnanasekaran had quoted an exceedingly high price for his work. Director RK Selvamani clarified, “we have looked through the accounts of both parties, and have got them to agree on a reasonable amount. The issue has been resolved.”

Furthermore, the Council has agreed to resolve the disputes that Sapphire Litho has with other producers. “Gnanasekaran has given me a list of producers who owe him money and we are trying to get all of it,” Selvamani explained, adding that there’s also a new measure in place to prevent disputes like these. “We are in the process of drafting a formal agreement with Sapphire Litho. Once this is in place, the Producers’ Council will have the right to mediate talks between the warring parties, when there is a problem.”

Saran will be back on the sets of Aayirathil Iruvar soon.

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