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‘Rowdy’ Number Plate Lands Fan In Trouble, Vijay Devarakonda Asks Them To Follow Traffic Rules

Vijay Devarakonda Promotes 'Taxiwaala'

Telugu star Vijay Devarakonda has apologised on behalf of “the boys”, and said he would “immediately reach out to all and make them aware” of the need to follow traffic rules. This comes on the heels of the Hyderabad Traffic Police posting a picture of a motorcycle with the word ‘Rowdy’ and nothing else on its number plate.

The Arjun Reddy star has a huge, loyal fan base who call themselves ‘Rowdy’. These days, the actor signs off letters to fans with ‘Rowdy Comrade’ also alluding to his upcoming multi-lingual film Dear Comrade.

Vijay joins the list of actors who are exercising their social responsibility, and taking the initiative to let their fans know what is acceptable behaviour and what is not.

On March 20, the Twitter page of Hyderabad Traffic Police (@HYDTP) tweeted out a photo of a rider who had an improper name board on his bike. The name board just read ‘Rowdy’. It requested riders to fix proper a proper number plate and to not tamper with it, because it was a “violation under Rule 50 & 51 of CMV Rules”.

Within a brief time, Vijay responded saying he would request fans to comply, and posted a letter for them on his official page.


He said that some rules have to be followed for everyone’s good and that if they had to show their love for anyone or God, it could be on any other part of the bike, except the number plate. His post was retweeted more than 800 times and liked by close to 9,000 people.

Sometime in 2017, the Mumbai Police had called out actor Varun Dhawan on twitter for taking a selfie with a fan at a traffic light, and told him an e-challan was on its way.

To this, the actor promptly apologised and said the cars were not moving, but that he would be careful henceforth.

The Mumbai Police handle, which has a huge fan following for its cheeky replies and humour-laced tweets, did a Shashi Tharoor soon after, using the word ‘galactic coincidence’, wondering how a photographer was on site in time to capture the moment!

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