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Radha Ravi Never Awarded Datuk Honour, Says Malaysian Official


An official with the Melaka government has confirmed that the Datuk title was not bestowed upon actor Radha Ravi, according to a report in Malay Mail.

Recently, singer Chinmayi Sripada, whom the actor terminated from the Dubbing Union recently, questioned the authenticity of his ‘Datuk’ honour and had even produced screenshots of an email conversation she had with a Malaysian official. The singer said that Radha Ravi had never been awarded the title while the actor said that he had all proof necessary to support him.

Now, Prasanth Kumar Brakasam, Special Secretary to the Chief Minister of Melaka, has said that Radha Ravi is not in the list of those honoured by the government. He also told Malay Mail that an official announcement will be made soon by the government.

A spokesperson for Radha Ravi told Silverscreen that the actor was not in town at present and that he would make a strong statement against these issues once he returns.

Radha Ravi has been in the thick of controversy ever since October this year. Several women accused him of sexual harassment as the second wave of the #MeToo movement hit Indian media and entertainment sector.

His decision to terminate Chinmayi from the Dubbing Union (of which he is the President) has also landed him in further trouble.

Earlier this week, he told Silverscreen that the women who publicly named their abusers were doing so in an effort to extort them. 

“If you see, most of the stories are about things these women say happened years ago. Why did they wait so long to come out with the truth, if not for the money involved. That’s what we must focus on. Instead of channeling all our publicity teams on the sensational things they say, we must have a balanced discussion about their motives,” Radha Ravi said.

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