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MK Stalin Posts Touching Tribute To His Father & Leader M Karunanidhi


DMK’s Working President MK Stalin, published an emotional farewell message on Twitter last night, soon after the demise of his father and DMK leader M Karunanidhi. Titled, ‘May I Call You Appa Just This Once, My Leader?’ the tribute draws on the speeches of the political veteran alongside other anecdotes.

[My beloved leader, you always used to tell me where you were going,
Where did you go now without telling anyone?
My leader, you who have inseparably blended into my heart, life, blood and emotions,
Where have you gone, leaving all of us?
Thirty-three years ago, you wanted your epitaph to read thus: ‘Here rests the man who worked without rest’.
Have you left with the satisfaction that you have served Tamil society enough?
At the age of 95, having worked tirelessly for people for 80 years, are you hiding somewhere, waiting to see who will cross the heights you once did, and go further?
When we rang in your 95th birthday in Thiruvarur, I requested you to give me half your energy. I beg for that and the heart you borrowed from Paerarignar Anna.
Will you give them to me, my leader?
With those gifts, we will achieve even your unfulfilled desires and goals.
There is only one prayer from the hearts of millions of your brethren. Once, just once, utter your endearing phrase: “My siblings who are dearer to me than my life”. It will energise us to work with pride in our race and language, for another 100 years!
I’ve called you my leader (thalaivare), more often than I’ve addressed you as my father (appa).
But, just this once, may I call you ‘Appa’, my leader?]

The DMK patriarch died late last evening due to age-related complications.

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He was 94. His mortal remains are currently kept at Rajaji Hall for public viewing. PM Narendra Modi is in Chennai to pay his respects to the departed leader while Congress president Rahul Gandhi is expected to arrive as well.

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