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Kamal Haasan Hopes For A Rebirth For Tamil Nadu

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Kamal Haasan, President of the Makkal Needhi Maiyam, told reporters earlier today that while he was appreciative of the birthday wishes pouring in for him on his 64th birthday, he would rather ensure that Tamil Nadu got its due. “Instead of hearing birthday wishes for myself I hope that Tamil Nadu gets a good rebirth soon.”

He said that he was making all efforts to ensure that the by-elections in TN, if they are announced, will be conducted in a legal manner. “I am an instrument of the people. I am not a stooge of any party. I want to ensure that the political system in Tamil Nadu is free from graft. I want to create a healthy political climate,” Kamal said.

If the by elections are announced, Kamal Haasan and his party are prepared to contest in it, the actor added. “We cannot say for sure that the elections will happen. But we are ready nonetheless. Our party and our members are ready to contest. We will create a change in Tamil Nadu politics.”

He also said that he would meet people in Tamil Nadu in an effort to put an end to the cash for votes scenario. “Makkal Needhi Maiyam will not indulge in this behaviour. Our ultimate aim is to create clean politics. So I will meet the constituents directly.”

He also said the efforts of his party to end graft in elections resonated with the people in Tamil Nadu. The actor said that the people he met unanimously supported his political idea and that they told him that they would no longer take money in exchange for their votes.

People’s will is the ultimate decider in politics, Kamal said. “Our people are the ruling party. Their wishes are our command,” he said.

On the turbulent political scenario in Sri Lanka, Kamal said: “When our political situation is problematic, we cannot comment on the affairs of another nation. People are not fools. Ultimately, democracy will reign over us all.”

Kamal Haasan turned 64 today (November 7). Social media was full of birthday wishes for the actor. Lyca Productions’, producer of Kamal’s next film Indian 2, even uploaded a video of the climax scene from Indian, effectively confirming that Indian 2 will be launched soon.

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