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Jai And Anjali Declare Their Love For Each Other


Actors Jai and Anjali are in a ‘close relationship’. According to an interview Jai gave to the Dina Thanthi,  the actor goes at length about Anjali’s family friendly characteristics.

While he does not exactly mention the word ‘Love’, he does use the widely employed euphemism (“We are close friends”) instead. 

Jai said:

“Anjali has been a close friend since Engeyum Eppothum. We understand each other, and have a healthy relationship.”

The actor also took pains to make it clear that Anjali is a soft and silent personality, in direct contrast to the character she portrayed in Engeyum Eppothum.

“Anjali’s character will keep hitting me in the film. But in real life, she is the opposite. She is a sensitive person. If at all she gets angry, I will do something to make her laugh and forget about it. In fact, Anjali loves this quality in me.”

Furthermore, Jai is most emphatic about the cordial relationship Anjali has maintained with his family.

“My father likes her. I have three sisters and they’re all friendly with Anjali. In-fact, she even cooks at our place often for my father. We’re a fan of her Hyderabadi Ghee rice and Chicken Masala.”

In what is probably the worst excuse to bail out of a Valentine’s Day gift, Jai said:

“I am in Chennai, and Anjali is in Hyderabad. If she had been here, I would have gotten her a gift that would have made her happy. But anyway, today I plan to wish her.”

The actor has clearly not heard of the Postal service or other such mailing systems. But then again, looks like Jai already knows how to charm Anjali out of her sulks, and so, never mind.

Jai also fudged a little when asked about his marriage plans:

“Actors who are older like Arya, Vishal and STR have not married yet. When they decide to get married, my marriage with Anjali will be finalised.”

Anjali was more circumspect when interviewed about her love affair. She said that she’d met the man of her dreams, but did not feel the need to be married to him ‘yet’.

Which is good, considering the dream man has no plans of getting her a Valentine’s gift this year.

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