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‘Bigg Boss Tamil’: Oviya Officially Out Of The Show


After much speculation on Friday night over Bigg Boss Tamil contestant Oviya’s exit, Saturday’s episode confirmed the news her fans have been dreading – Oviya has officially left the Bigg Boss house. Saturday’s episode had the actress/model making a “mass entry” that generated a thunderous applause from fans among the audience. She visibly looked happier about her exit, and seemed to harbour no regrets.

Host Kamal Haasan lauded Oviya for choosing to exit, especially when it took a toll on her mental health. While in the house, Oviya had consulted the show’s psychiatrist thrice after she was unable to get over fellow contestant Aarav, especially when he did not reciprocate her love. This was one of the reasons why she chose to exit the show; Haaasan poetically stated that love isn’t a “barter system”, and even teared up.

Debates about whether Oviya had stayed back in the Bigg Boss house or had left reached a crescendo on Saturday, before the show was aired, after Vijay TV tweeted a picture of Oviya with Kamal Haasan. Late Friday night, rumours were rife that she had attempted suicide, and that police reached the Bigg Boss house. Some suggested that she walked out of the house to seek medical help. There was, however, no official statement.

Based on the rumours, a little before the show was aired, a lawyer filed a complaint against the show and the host for driving the contestant to suicide. According to an Indian Express report, SS Balaji stated in his complaint that the actress had suffered emotionally due to the rules and regulations of the house. 

Balaji sought action against Haasan and the makers of the show for abetment to suicide and conspiracy to injure. Indian Express further reports that the complainant stated that the tasks that each contestant took part in inflicted immense mental pain on Oviya, following which she tried “immersing herself in to the pool” inside the house.

Meanwhile, people on social media have not been able to handle their favourite contestant’s exit:

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