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Big Boss Tamil: Debate On Oviya’s Alleged Exit Rages On Ahead Of Tonight’s Show


Debates on whether Oviya has stayed back in the Big Boss house or has left it continued to rage on social media on Saturday. Speculations reached a crescendo after Vijay TV tweeted a picture of Oviya with Kamal Haasan on the reality show Big Boss Tamil. 

Late Friday night, rumours of Oviya walking out of the reality show created quite a buzz online. There were rumours of her attempting suicide with the police reaching the scene. Some suggested that she walked out of the house to seek medical help. There was, however, no official statement.

A source close to Oviya told Silverscreen, “The channel is doing their best to convince her to stay back though she is determined to get out of the house. She wants to exit the house as soon as possible. Doctors have examined her and prescribed her medicine as she was feeling depressed. She has been advised complete bed rest. Oviya wants to come out for a few days and then go back in. But according to the rules of the show, once a contestant is out, he/she cannot enter the house again.  She was not given that special permission.” 

The source also clarified that the picture of her sitting in a car that was circulating online last night was an old photo. Meanwhile, the channel has not released an official statement about Oviya’s exit from the show.

Fans of Oviya will have to wait for tonight’s show to know the final outcome. 



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