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Director Shreekumar Menon On Odiyan: Ask Padmakumar Why Joseph Was Good And Odiyan Was Bad


Odiyan director VA Shreekumar Menon is in the midst of a controversy again, as film goers say he is responsible for the movie’s failure. But Shreekumar alleges that M Padmakumar, director of Joseph, who was brought in to help Odiyan’s release, is more to blame.

Shreekumar made a sarcastic remark during a press conference held yesterday in Trivandrum. He said that detractors should ask director M Padmakumar why Odiyan turned out bad when Joseph (directed by Padmakumar and playing in theatres) became a huge hit. Shreekumar Menon was referring to the rumours before the movie’s release about him being replaced by Padmakumar.

The general perception among public and on social media has been that Odiyan has failed to meet expectations. Alleging that he was being targeted unfairly, Menon said that all he did was market the movie in the best possible manner. He used the anecdote of a lottery ticket vendor and explained that people wouldn’t buy his product unless he made sure he was heard the most. Menon has been an ad-maker for the last 20 years, and is known for his Kalyan Jewellers’ ads featuring Manju Warrier and Amitabh Bachchan. He heads a PR firm by the name of Push Media.

Prior to the movie’s release, Odiyan’s marketing had been on an overdrive. Peter Hein, the action director for the film, had said that the movie’s stunts would be on par with Bahubali. Menon tweeted that the movie had collected Rs.100 crore even before its release. Made on a rumoured budget of Rs.50 crore, Odiyan is said to be the costliest Malayalam movie ever.

Following the spread of negative word of mouth after the release of the movie, Menon had alleged that a paid gang was behind this act. He also said that he was being singled out and attacked. During the press conference he said that it was widely reported by media, before the movie’s release, that producer Antony Perumbavoor and Mohanlal, who were not satisfied with his work, had hired Padmakumar to direct the movie. Terming this as a ‘gossip’, he said that he was forced to bring up the topic as the questions directed towards him were based on gossips too.

Meanwhile, director Padmakumar said in a recent interview that his job on the movie was strictly restricted to coordinating activities and facilitating its shoot. “I haven’t had to contribute towards the creative side of the movie. Shreekumar Menon had a clear idea about the movie and what he wanted to do with it. He was also aided by talented technicians like cinematographer Shaji Kumar and action director Peter Hein. Hence, I had nothing to do.”

“Being a big budget movie, there would be changes to the chart and someone had to keep track of the chart and that was my job,” he said.

Image Courtesy: Kerala Kaumudi

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