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Malayalam Actress Abduction Case: Adoor Gopalakrishnan, Suresh Kumar Support Dileep


Filmmakers Adoor Gopalakrishnan and G Suresh Kumar have reportedly come out in support of Malayalam actor Dileep, who is currently facing jail time after being accused of orchestrating the abduction and assault of an actress in February this year. The two filmmakers believe the actor is being framed.

“Dileep was against casting the victim in his films or films associated with him as they had personal issues. Whoever was behind the attack, used this knowledge to their advantage. I have strong doubts Dileep has been trapped,” a few reports quoted Adoor Gopalakrishnan as saying about the Pinneyum actor. He also criticised the “trial by media” and general public, reiterating something he said earlier that the actor would never do the things he has been accused of.

Producer and filmmaker G Suresh Kumar, too, voiced something similar about Dileep being targeted. “An innocent man is being punished. Some people are trying to destroy him. It’s clear from the attempts to take over his land and shut down D Cinemaas, which have nothing to do with the actress case,” he was quoted as saying.

He further added that reports of Dileep getting special treatment in jail are all baseless.

“There have been many baseless reports about Dileep and his family ever since his arrest. The real situation is different. When I went to meet him the other day, he was unwell. He’s getting medical aid for his ear balance problem. That’s the ‘treatment’ people are talking about. Like everyone else there, he too is sharing his cell with a few other prisoners,” he told Onmanorama.

Meanwhile, Dileep has reportedly been suffering from Labyrinthitis, an inflammation of the inner ear that causes nausea, dizziness, and inability to stand properly. Dileep’s condition deteriorated owing to mental tension, and sleeping on the floor. Jail authorities had given him medicines, but they later got doctors to visit the actor and examine him.

The actor, who was arrested by the Kerala police on July 10, has been facing jail time ever since it came to light that he had offered Rs 2 crore to prime accused Pulsar Suni to assault the actress and shoot a video of her. 

Dileep’s remand period ends today, wherein his new counsel, B Raman Pillai, is expected to file a plea asking the court to not extend his judicial custody any further.


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