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Actor Udhaya Thanks Producers Of ‘Adanga Maru’ & ‘Seethakathi’ For Postponing The Release Of Their Films


In a press statement released on Saturday, actor-producer Udhaya of Utharavu Maharaja thanked the producers of Adanga Maru and Seethakathi for postponing the release dates of their films following his request to abide by the rules of the release regulation committee.

Adanga Maru and Seethakathi are said to have been postponed to December 14, along with a few other major releases.

Talking about it, Udhaya told Silverscreen: “There are rules in the council to schedule the release of films according to their budget; the big budget ones will release the first week, followed by the medium and small. We are in the medium budget category, and thus we requested that the producers move the releases of other films in accordance with the rules of the council and they agreed to it. Utharavu Maharaja, Kaatrin Mozhi, Sei and two other films will be releasing on November 16.”

Declaring that the production houses of big budget films should have control over the production right from the beginning, he said, “It comes down to understanding that small films need space, too. The big budget films should be aware of their production values; they need to cut down on the star cast, and have control over the number of prints, selling prices etc which will help us survive. If we are not given the space, then what is the purpose of making and releasing a film? If big budget films are given 500 to 600 screens, a medium budget film should at least have 150 screens to survive.”

Udhaya added that while movies with good content are appreciated, there ought to be enough shows for them to prove their worth. “There should be collective corporate responsibility among producers,” he said.

Talking about postponing Kaatrin Mozhi to make way for Vada Chennai and Sandakozhi 2, Udhaya observed: “Yes, even my film was scheduled to release on October 5; it was then postponed due to 96 and NOTA.”

Utharavu Maharaja is a psycho comedy thriller directed by Asif Kuraishi, starring Udhaiya and Priyanka Thimmesh in the lead. Kaatrin Mozhi is the official remake of Vidya Balan’s Tumhari Sulu directed by Radha Mohan, starring Jyotika and Vidharth in the lead.

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