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Yemaali Teaser Controversy: There is No Need To Judge Any Girl, Says Athulya Ravi

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Ever since the release of Yemaali’s teaser, heroine Athulya Ravi has been criticised for her role in the film,  directed by VZ Durai. This is the second film for Athulya, who made her debut with Kaadhal Kann Kattudhey.  In the teaser, Athulya looks glamorous, smokes, rides a bike and shows her middle finger. Following the attack by trolls, she put out an apology on her Facebook page for “disappointing” some of her fans.

With many wondering why she has to apologise, Athulya tells Silverscreen, “I didn’t apologise for my role; I apologised to some fans who are disappointed with my role.  In my  first film Kaadhal Kann Kattudhey, I played a girl-next-door. I earned a lot of fans for that look and role. They might have been disappointed to see me in a strikingly different role in my second film.”

She adds, “I have a long way to go in Kollywood, and I want to be versatile. All I want to say is that I must not be judged based on my role. In fact, there is no need to judge any girl. I’m very different from the character I play in Yemaali. I had to undergo a complete makeover to play her well.”


Talking about her character in the film, she says, “I play Ri2 (Ritu), an ultra-modern girl. It is an intriguing role, and I was not apprehensive about any scene when the director narrated the script to me. It is a positive character.”

Yemaali is scheduled to hit screens this December.

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