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Varalaxmi Sarathkumar: “Tell The Men To Stop Disrespecting, Or Get Out!”

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar

Actress Varalaxmi Sarathkumar has a message to the men of the film and media industries: “Either stop disrespecting women, or GET OUT!”

The actress wrote a long response to the general harassment, sexism, and misogyny that prevails in the film industry, and related media worlds.

In her tweet-story, the actress started with a personal incident, and went on to talk about the way in which women are policed, their value reduced to their physical appearance, and their work discounted.

Varalaxmi, clearly, is one of the many film stars who have reacted to the shocking abduction and assault of a popular Malayalam actress.

The recent incident is only one more in the Culture of Humiliation that women – especially women in the public eye – face constantly.

Actress Trisha was recently the target of trolls who mistook her association with PETA as her implicit support for the ban on Jallikattu. Trisha was hounded, attempts were made to humiliate her, and finally her Twitter account was hacked into.

Also, Zaira Wasim, of Dangal fame, was attacked over a chance remark by the J&K Chief Minister. Earlier in 2012, singer Chinmayi was sent rape and death threats.

Varalaxmi’s call to action is just one of the ways to fight back.

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