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Sarathkumar Warns Vishal Over Nadigar Sangam Row


Sarathkumar has issued a warning to Vishal stating that he will be expelled from Nadigar Sangam, “if he continues to make insulting remarks about the union.” According to Ananda Viktan, Sarathkumar, who was in Trichy, gave an interview to TV reporters yesterday regarding politics. But when questions on Nadigar Sangam emerged, Sarathkumar revealed that he had refrained from responding all this while. “But today, I would like to talk about it. A lot of actors in the union helped repay a hefty loan of Rs 5 crores. We have also deposited Rs 3 crores for the union. One of our buildings has been leased to Sathyam Cinemas for 29 years. The union’s financial condition has improved now. Vishal is not aware of any of these details, and of the working style of Nadigar Sangam. So, ideally he should not critique our practices,” he said, adding that the actor will be removed from the union if he disrespects Nadigar Sangam.

Sarathkumar and Vishal are reportedly engaged in a cold-war since when Vishal announced that he would work in a film free of cost to collect funds for the construction of a building for Nadigar Sangam. Recently, Vishal also raided shops that sold illegal CDs of new releases. Besides lodging a police complaint, he discussed the consequences of piracy with the Producers’ Council, the Directors’ Union and Nadigar Sangam last Sunday. Post the meeting, the unions drafted a few resolutions to curb piracy. One of them was to conduct a march on December 2 to raise awareness about piracy.

However, Sarathkumar, who is the incumbent president of Nadigar Sangam, tweeted his opinion on the futility of conducting a parade.

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