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Producer Michael Rayappan Files Complaint Against STR With The TFPC

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Producer Michael Rayappan has lodged a complaint against actor Silambarasan with the Tamil Nadu Film Producers Council. Rayappan, who financed Simbu’s film Anbanavan Adangadhavan Asaradhavan, said that he has suffered a loss of Rs 20 crores because of the actor’s unprofessionalism.

Rayappan told Silverscreen: “I had signed a contract with Silambarasan for a movie to be directed by Adhik Ravichandran. The film required 60 days worth of call sheet from STR. But, he worked for only 27 days. The rest of the scenes were shot using a stunt man. He caused us a lot of trouble right from the beginning. Despite repeated attempts, he didn’t give us the dates, as a result the film suffered.”

Rayappan claimed that he had invested a lot of money into the project but the film failed to make money at the box office. “I lost about Rs 20 crores in this venture. I am not in a position to take this loss, since it affects my other businesses as well.”

The producer went public with his grievances in December last year, and urged the Nadigar Sangam and producers council to intervene. “My complaint was forwarded to Silambarasan, but he did not respond at all. A senior person like Nasser and Vishal have reached out to Simbu, but he’s just not ready to discuss the issue. He took advantage of a young director like Adhik,” he said.

Rayappan further added that Silambarasan deliberately delayed the shoot of AAA. “First, he said that he wanted to lose weight. Next, he said that he didn’t want to shoot in any of the locations (Goa, Kochi, Dindigul) that we’d previously got approval from him as it was very hot. Adhik and his team spent all of 2016 going on recces to locations suggested by Silambarasan. When we’d approach him with a new schedule incorporating all these locations, he changed his mind. Sometimes, he would just not turn up for the shoot.”

The producer claimed that Silambarasan billed him for a week-long stay at a private hotel in Chennai during the shoot of AAA. “He lives in Chennai, despite that he wanted a luxurious hotel room. We had no choice but to agree. Not only this, he sent 10 of his assistants to Thailand a week before our shoot there. They enjoyed at my expense. After all this, Silambarasan never came to Thailand.”

Rayappan said that the whole shoot of AAA was marred by such events and that he faced a lot of stress because of it. “I have lost my home and much of my finances due to Silambarasan. While my family and I suffer, Silambarasan is in Georgia shooting for a film. How can such an unprofessional actor be allowed to shoot? Why is nobody interfering?”

If Simbu doesn’t pay up Rs 20 crores, he must not be allowed to shoot, Rayappan said. “I have urged the producers council to blacklist Silambarasan if he refuses to pay. Depending on the council’s decision, I am ready to take a legal action.”

Silambarasan is currently shooting in Georgia. The spokesperson for the actor said that they haven’t received any communication from the council.

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