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“No Need To Fuel This Anymore”: Sonu Nigam On The Azaan Row


Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam thinks that the discussion around his controversial tweets must stop. He said:

Nigam offered to apologise if his controversial tweets came across as ‘anti-Muslim’, but they have since been removed. There were also reports of him paying Bollywood’s self-proclaimed reviewer and filmmaker Kamaal R Khan to tweet good things about the singer in a bid to “save his image”.

On April 17, Sonu Nigam complained about the morning azaan that disturbed his sleep, calling it “forced religion” and gundagardi (hooligansim). Days later, a senior Muslim cleric had offered Rs 10 lakhs to anyone who would shave Nigam’s head. The singer, in response, shaved his head and called a press conference clarifying his statement. 

A complaint was then filed against the singer in Haryana. 

Pic: Reuters

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