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Men Should Also Start A MeToo Movement, Says Mohanlal

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“Men should also start a MeToo movement,” said Mohanlal during an interview when asked why he called the movement a ‘trend.’ The actor said he didn’t deem himself fit to comment on the topic, not having gone through such an experience.

In UAE to launch AMMA’s charity fundraiser ‘Onnanu Nammal’, set to be held on December 7 to help raise funds for Kerala Flood Relief, he was quizzed about the various controversies he and his association were a part of. Mohanlal’s responses didn’t vary much from what he’d already said in the past.

Having complained about being made a scapegoat for the indifferent attitude adopted by his organisation in the actress-assault case, he said that it wasn’t necessary for the president to subscribe to the statements put out by the association as decisions were made collectively and not by an individual. He maintained that the actresses who had resigned from AMMA don’t have to apologise to be reinstated but need to follow due procedure.

Upon being asked if putting him in the spotlight was a brand building exercise, the actor said, “We are not after limelight.”

“It is about perception,” began Mohanlal when asked if AMMA was conscious about the mimicry skits they’d be presenting for the show. Last year’s show was criticised for ridiculing the WCC (Women in Cinema Collective – an all women organisation formed in the aftermath of the actress-assault last year) and its members. “It should be taken in the right spirit,” said the actor.

The actor also used the occasion to talk about the charity carried out by his organisation. “I have to look after my association. We are doing a lot of good things. Every month we give Rs 5,000 to 60-70 members. We also plan to raise this amount to Rs 10,000 – 20,000. We are constructing houses for our colleagues.”

The actor ended the conversation saying that efforts were underway to sort out the script issues of his upcoming movie Randamoozham.

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