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‘I Did Not Refuse The Project On Purpose,’: Actor Shanthnu On Not Being A Part of Mysskin’s Film


Reacting to a news report published by a popular Tamil magazine that stated actor Udhayanidhi Stalin will be a part of Mysskin film, an opportunity that Shanthnu Bhagyaraj passed on, the latter tweeted that this kind of report sensationalizes news without checking facts. The tweet has now been deleted, however, the actor said that he did not walk out of the project on purpose, but had his reasons for not taking up the film.

On allegations that Shanthnu doesn’t mind missing out on opportunities as he was born with a silver spoon, the actor’s wife Keerthi and actor Karthi Prassana came to Shanthnu’s defence and dismissed the claims as baseless.

When Silverscreen got in touch with Shanthnu, he said, “I didn’t like the headline of the report. It gave the impression that I missed the project on purpose. It was a click-bait headline designed to grab eye balls. They don’t understand the feelings of the person concerned. It was a general observation. I deleted the tweet because I realised there is no difference between them and me if I share the same news. There was no apology from their side.” There has been no official statement from the filmmakers concerned.

“May be I was born with a silver spoon, but people close to me know that I have been struggling for a very long time. I don’t sit at one place and expect films to come to me. I go in search of opportunities like every other struggling actor and newcomer,” he added.

On his reason for not being a part of the Mysskin film, he said, “There are so many reasons why the project did not work out and I was not involved in the decision. I don’t want to disclose the details, the people associated with the film should come out with a statement. The truth is I did not miss the project on purpose, it went of out my hands (Naa Miss Pannala, Enakku Miss aaiduchu andha project).”

The actor was last seen in Mupparimanam, a romantic thriller directed by Adhiroopan, with Srushti Dange as the female lead.

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