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Actor Maithreya Hits Out At Mysskin; Says ‘Psycho’ Was Initially Offered To Him


Actor Maithreya has levelled some serious accusations against director Mysskin. The upcoming actor, whose real name is Shyam, has said that Mysskin’s upcoming Psycho was originally offered to him. It is now in production with Udhayanidhi Stalin in the lead role.

In a video interview, Maithreya explained that his screen name was bestowed on him by Mysskin. News that Maithreya would be launched by Mysskin began to circulate shortly after the latter’s Pisaasu hit the screens. However, Maithreya said that Mysskin sought to postpone the project so that he could complete his acting commitments for Savarakathi and begin work on another film with Vishal Krishna.

“Mysskin offered me the lead role in a film that was high tech and had a very big budget. We entered into an agreement with him. My father signed on as producer. He gave Mysskin a very large amount as advance. Till now, no producer has ever given a director such a huge amount as advance. Mysskin signed the agreement and told me to think of him as my father, mother and mentor.”

The project with Maithreya was scheduled to begin in November 2015, but Mysskin was unable to fulfill his acting commitments for Savarakathi within that time period. So, Maithreya and his father agreed to postpone the film’s launch to March 2016. “Around this time he wanted to postpone again as he had received an opportunity to work with Vishal. However, we told him that he had signed an agreement with us and that he must start work soon. He did not listen to what we had to say.”

Eventually, Maithreya’a father Raghunanthan agreed to Mysskin’s demands. While waiting for Mysskin to finish Thupparivaalan, Maithreya was asked to begin prep work for his role. “Psycho was created for me. It was written with me in mind. Mysskin sir knows this very well. I met several people to understand the role. We even did a test shoot and photo shoot. Mysskin sir appreciated my work on the shoot. He even sent my father a message in which he said that I would do justice to the way he has written the protagonist’s role.”

Maithreya said in the video that he was alarmed to see the news about Psycho. “I have been working on this movie for three years. Now someone else is in my place in that film,” he told Silverscreen.

Maithreya added that he has been urged by his friends to take this matter up in court. “I have a signed agreement from Mysskin sir. I could take this up in the legal way. But the highest court is Mysskin sir’s conscience. And I leave the decision to him.”

Interestingly, Shanthnu Bhagyaraj had earlier seemed to hint that he had also signed on for a film to be directed by Mysskin. He said that the project did not take off.

Silverscreen has reached out to Mysskin for comment.

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