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Brawl At IFFK Ends When One Group Starts Singing The National Anthem


With inputs from Aswathy Gopalakrishnan

Yesterday, a brawl broke out at the International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK) when some audience members tried to sit on seats reserved for VIPs. The incident occurred at a screening of Kim Kim Duk’s Net at the already overcrowded Tagore theatre. As sections of the audience protested, the organisers tried to stop them from occupying those seats. Following this, a brawl broke out.

Meanwhile, the rest of the crowd at the theatre began to sing the national anthem. The response from those involved in the scuffle was immediate, as they stopped fighting and began singing the anthem as well.

Kim Ki-Duk has a big fan following in Kerala, possibly surpassing that of his own country.

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When he attended the IFFK in 2013, the crowds that gathered to see him were so large that there were riot-like scenarios wherever he went. Adoring fans lined up to click photographs with him. One even offered him a ride on his motorcycle, which the filmmaker accepted.

Feature Image Courtesy: Indian Express 

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