Time Magazine Names ‘The Silence Breakers’ Of The #MeToo Movement As Its Person Of The Year


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The TIME magazine named ‘the silence breakers’ – the people who came forward to report stories of sexual misconduct that they had experienced – as its Person of the Year. Hollywood mogul Harvey Weintein’s sexual misconduct was the tip of the iceberg. The mounting allegations against him led to the #metoo movement where thousands of women across all spheres shared their stories of facing sexual harassment.

The magazine stated:

“This reckoning appears to have sprung up overnight. But it has actually been simmering for years, decades, centuries. Women have had it with bosses and co-workers who not only cross boundaries but don’t even seem to know that boundaries exist.

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They’ve had it with the fear of retaliation, of being blackballed, of being fired from a job they can’t afford to lose. They’ve had it with the code of going along to get along. They’ve had it with men who use their power to take what they want from women. These silence breakers have started a revolution of refusal, gathering strength by the day, and in the past two months alone, their collective anger has spurred immediate and shocking results: nearly every day, CEOs have been fired, moguls toppled, icons disgraced. In some cases, criminal charges have been brought.”

In a series of stories, Silverscreen spoke to women working in the Indian film industry – actresses, the production crew or singers – to highlight the everyday workplace sexism that they fight to advance their careers. Our aim was to bring out the malaise that is endemic to the industry.

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