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Sunny Leone: People Just Don’t Like The Fact That I’m Going Anywhere

Sunny Leone appears on condom ad

Sunny Leone was at her candid best in a recent interview with TOI.  The 35-year-old actress admits that she never expected to be in the same frame as SRK. Leone dances for re-mixed version of a song in SRK’s upcoming Raees. “A lot of people are just waiting for me to fall on my face, they are just waiting for that. They just don’t like the fact that I’m going anywhere. They said you won’t go anywhere, no actor will work with you,” she said. Sunny Leone’s journey thus far has been quite a tumultuous one.

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The actress broke barriers and stereotypes to find a foothold in a male-dominated Bollywood.

The former porn star has had to contend with criticism from people of her own gender as well. Rakhi Swant even said recently: “I have not come from abroad and I am not a porn star,” in a widely ridiculed attempt to shame Leone.

But, Sunny has not let all this affect her mood or her dream of furthering her career. Her hard-work has earned recognition and acclaim. This year alone, Sunny Leone has been named PETA’s Person Of The Year, has the distinction of being the most searched person on Google, and is also a part of BBC’s list of 100 Most Influential Women. The actress says that this more than makes up for all the criticism she has endured thus far.

“Moments like getting a big film or getting good work make everything so much better. And to all those people who said ‘You could never do it, you could never get there, you can never work with a big star’, when I get good work and then BBC gives me appreciation like putting me in the 100 Women list in the world with the likes of Alicia Keys, I feel it’s all worth it. I don’t have to say anything to them now, hope they have got the answer.”

Sunny Leone left a career in the pornography industry to focus on films. She rose to fame after a stint at Bigg Boss, the Indian version of Celebrity Big Brother.

Following this, she was offered an opportunity to debut with Jism 2. While she consistently gets a barrage of criticism for her former profession, Leone has handled herself with utmost professionalism at all times. A documentary Mostly Sunny, about the star and her journey thus far, will release in India shortly.

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