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Parineeti Chopra: “I Can Have A Crush On Anybody Who Says Something Funny Or Smells Nice”

Parineeti Chopra Crush

Parineeti Chopra has said that she is single till the time she announces a relationship, and that she has had multiple crushes. 

In a slow-news-no-news kind of interview with DNA, Parineeti talked about her loves, her crushes, and possibly singing a duet with Priyanka Chopra. 

When asked about her idea of love, she said:

“I am more for the Abhimanyu-kind-of-love, which Ayushmann Khurrana portrayed in my last film Meri Pyaari Bindu — a very romantic kind of love, where he is in love with a girl right from day one and will probably be in love with her till the day he dies. I am that kind of a person. I always try and invest in long-term relationships. It’s never fleeting or just for a day or night…”

She added: “I am not like Bindu — a person who hops from one relationship to the other. I am the long-term-kind-of-girl.”

She also said that she hasn’t actively tried to keep her relationship status private. “It’s not been an effort but it just has to do with the timing.

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I am not secretive. I am an open person, but it’s just that I have not felt that the timing has ever been right to come out into the open. Whenever I do feel the time is right, I will come out and talk about my love life.”

And in a great lesson to all of us, on the difference between love and crush, Parineeti said, “Oh yes! Love is very different from crush. My first crush was when I was in Class V. Crushes toh change every few hours. I can have a crush on anybody, who says something funny, smart or smells nice. It’s more of an attraction than an actual crush [sic]. But I am not the sort to stalk the boy – that’s not going to happen! Crushes keep happening all the time. My first love was when I was 22 and yes, who can forget your first love right? It completely changed my life and shaped the person that I am today.”

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