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Ayesha Takia On Plastic Surgery Rumours: “It’s Absolute Crap!”


Ayesha Takia has revealed that she had a good laugh at the recent rumours of her plastic surgery. In an interview with Hindustan Times,  the actress dismissed the reports and said, “I was holidaying in Goa when those pictures went viral and it’s so ridiculous, because anyone who has seen me in person would know that it’s absolutely crap. But celebrities have to go through all this where they are picked upon for one reason or the other.” 

While Takia did not completely ignore the reports, she didn’t allow them to disturb her either. 

 “I won’t say I totally ignored them, but I didn’t let them play with my mind,” she said.

Takia also said that she makes it a point to not care about anything that’s not important to her well-being. “These people, who say all sorts of stupid things while judging us, are not even known by their names. And I have always been a person who has disconnected from everything that’s not important in my life.”

Trolling wasn’t restricted to celebrities alone, Takia revealed. “So, it’s not just us actors who are subjected to these mean trolls. My sister gets to read shit all the time on her Instagram photos posted by random people,” she said. 

Takia will next be seen in a music video that hopes to raise awareness on human trafficking. It will release on June 19. 


Pic: DNA India

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