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A Casting Agent Asks For Actors With ‘Poor Look, Dalit Look’ For An Ajay Devgn Film

Ajay Devgn, Caste, Dalit

A Facebook post, now being shared among anti-caste activists on Twitter, details a casting requirement for an upcoming Ajay Devgn film. The casting agent has asked for male actors who “poor look, Dalit look” for the film.

The post and the casting agent display an appalling lack of awareness, and more particularly, reveal their bigotry and caste bias. At a time when more and more people are waking up to the evil of casteism, when some are able to acknowledge the social inequity and structural violence inherent in the caste system, it is frightening that some people can openly display such prejudice.

What exactly is Dalit look? What is poor look?

This is further proof that the film industry still is largely dominated by upper-caste, upper class people, and large scale discrimination happens behind the scenes, and on-screen.

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This despite hard hitting films like Sairat, Fandry, Kakkoos, and others that show the evils of caste system.


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