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14 Well-Loved Onscreen Moms


Tamil cinema moms are a rare breed. They bear pain stoically, raise their kids single-handedly, and still find time to sing suprabaatham in front of a well maintained tulasi plant. A class apart from their North Indian counterparts, they are the epitome of sacrifice and can often be found at the clutches of the villain at some particular point.

With popular Carnatic singer Sowmya being the latest mom-convert, here’s a look at the iconic Tamil cinema moms /actresses who made a lasting impact on pop culture, and even sometimes played moms to the heroes they once romanced.

1. Manorama

Celebrities Pay Homage to Actor SS RajendranThe eighties brought about a change in Manorama. From the reigning comedy queen, she became the go to actress for every director in need of a sappy, sentimental mom who can bear anything for the sake of her darling son(s).

Mom Type: Sumaithaangi



2. MV Rajamma

M._V._RajammaRajamma was the mom burdened with a secret knowledge of something potentially threatening to the hero’s existence. With a perpetually perplexed expression on her face, this mom was the sort who’d always sigh heavily and stare into the distance. The troubles of the world would always weigh her down. Always.

Mom Type: Emo

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3. Pandari Bai

07bgPandri_Bai__fr_1387084gPandari Bai was best known for playing the childlike, innocent mom to Rajinikanth in Mannan. Being carried around by the Superstar for about five minutes, with KJ Yesudas singing about the glories of motherhood in the background, gave Pandari a lasting place in the hearts of young Tamil men all over.

Mom Type: Appaavi

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4. Kannamba

27mp_kannamba2_jpg_796483fKannamba was perhaps the earliest instance of an actress who played mom to the heroes she once romanced. Being the powerhouse talent that she is, she went on to carve a niche all for herself with an iconic performance as the Queen Mother in Manohara. 

Mom Type: Badass

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5. SN Lakshmi

S._N._LakshmiSN Lakshmi took on mother roles of the pleasant variety. Always torn between the son and the father in movie-land, SN Lakshmi’s moms were stuck between a rock and a hard place. And stayed there.

Mom Type: Historical – there to explain the origin of the hero.

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6. Saranya Ponvannan

Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal Press Meet with Udhayanidhi StalinSaranya is the flavour of the season. She won awards for her performance in Raam, but it wasn’t till her National Award winning stint in Thenmerku Paruvakaatru, that the amma roles started pouring in.

Mom Type: Mother hen who fiercely loves her children, but isn’t afraid to slap them around if they go wrong.



7. Lakshmi Ramakrishnan

Actor Director Lakshmy Ramakrishna Exclusive Photoshoot for SilverscreenLakshmi plays the edgier mom characters around – you know, the kind that turns serial killer to avenge a daughter’s death. Since her directorial debut though, Lakshmi has kept herself behind the cameras…rarely venturing into mommy territory.

Mom Type: Edgy mom who isn’t afraid to kill


8. Nadhiya

Actress_Nadhiya_Latest_Photos_Stills_Images_14Nadhiya was the dream mother of the early 2000s. Elegant, stylish and picture perfect, she was the best example of the urban mom who juggled a career and family life.

Mom Type: The Tamil version of the soccer mom



9. Geetha

Geetha-1Geetha was the perfect choice for the homemaker mother roles. She’d sacrifice her career for the sake of the children, and so, the girls that love her sons will never be good enough.

Mom Type: Passive aggressive mom who almost never likes her children’s choice of mates



10. Sri Vidhya

Sreevidya1Sri Vidhya graduated from playing Rajinikanth’s object of affection, to being an object of his motherly affection.

Mom Type: Mom with a wild past (Thalapathy)



11. Sujatha

TH06_SUJATHA_FILM___522888fSujatha did everything with a difference. Her flair for acting landed her roles opposite Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan well into her sixties. From the no-nonsense belle they fell in love with, she became the no-nonsense mom they worshipped. Same difference.

Kadal Meengal, Avargal to Baba

Mom Type: No Nonsense

12. Sumithra

???????????????????????????????Sumithra was a loving mom who’d do anything to keep a promise. In Singaravelan, she sent Kamal Haasan, the man she romanced in Nizhalgal Nijamagiradhu, on a quest to find and marry the girl who was promised to him.

Mom Type: Unconventional



13. Anupama Kumar

Unnal Mudiyum Penne Book Launch with Dhansika, Gayathrie and Iyshwarya RajeshThirty-something actress Anupama Kumar is way too young to be playing mom to heroes. But there’s no denying that she does such a good job of it. Anupama gave life to the new age mom – one who obviously loves her kids, but has a life outside her family too.

Mom Type: Mom with a Job


14. Kiran Rathod

kiranAnother latest mom-convert, the O Podu actresmay not have had much to do in Aambala, but she has had the most seamless transition ever. From glamourous actress with not much to wear, she became glamourous mom with not much to wear.

Mom Type: Yummy Mummy


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