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Karenjit Kaur Trailer: The Story Of A Gawky Teen Becoming Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone At The Launch Of Digital Platform Zee5 Originals

Sunny Leone might have topped Google search trends in 2017, but not many know the real story behind how Karanjeet Kaur became one of  the most searched actresses in India. The adult star-turned Bollywood actress is set to tell her own story through the web-series, Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story, which will be aired on Zee5. The trailer was unveiled recently.

The trailer begins with Sunny Leone appearing for an interview where she is introduced as a star who is loved and hated equally. She is also described as a woman who is not considered to be an ideal ‘Bharatiya naari’. What is her story?

The trailer takes us back to her early life in Canada and gives us a peek into a Sikh middle class family, the members speaking in Punjabi. The trailer shows her transition from a shy, gawky teenager who got bullied by her school mates to a confident model with no inhibitions in facing the camera.

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The trailer also shows her family’s financial troubles, which became the catalyst to her becoming a porn star. It also shows how she came upon her name – Sunny Leone.

The trailer alludes to the infamous interview where she was asked sexist questions like “You would want to work with Aamir Khan, but Aamir wouldn’t want to work with you. How would this reflect on you?” or  “How many people would think in terms of growing up to be a porn-star?”

In the trailer, the interviewer is heard saying that many in India believe that there is not much difference between a prostitute and a porn star, to which Sunny says, “There is one similarity – that is guts.”

From getting slammed for appearing on a condom ad to getting banned from performing at an event in Bengaluru, Indians love to exhibit their hate for Sunny, but away from the confines of their homes and smartphones, the story is starkly different. It will be interesting to see how Leone chooses to tell her own story.

Leone plays herself in the later part of her life, while 14-year-old Rysa Saujani plays her younger version. The web series will premiere on July 16.

Watch the trailer:



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